SOOKIE: You’ve got all the mushrooms? … The shiitake, the nameko, the chanterelle? The matsutake? The makeniya?

Shiitake: an East Asian mushroom commonly used in Chinese and Japanese cusisine, especially vegetarian dishes.

Nameko: a small amber-brown mushroom, very popular in both Japan and Russia for cooking. In America, sometimes called “butterscotch mushroom”.

Chanterelle [pictured]: one of the most popular of wild edible fungi, meaty and funnel-shaped with forked folds. They have a fruity aroma, rather like apricot, and a mildly peppery taste. There are several species native to North America.

Matsutake: a rare and luxurious mushroom which grows in East Asia, Europe, and North America. It has a distinctive odour that many find unpleasant, but is greatly prized in Japanese cuisine.

Makeniya: a mushroom variety that Sookie made up to test Jackson. He passed!

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