The Bracebridge Dinner Menu

The Bracebridge Dinner at the Ahwahnee Hotel serves modern gourmet food, but with a slight nod to the Renaissance in how it is labelled. Sookie’s menu seems to resemble it very closely.

Soup – Butternut squash (pumpkin) soup topped with cream (?) and rosemary

Fish – Trout

Peacock Pie – not really peacock, usually duck, capon, or quail, or even small game like rabbit. It’s usually a breast fillet wrapped in pastry.

Baron of Beef – a mostly British term for what is otherwise known as a top sirloin roast (a double sirloin). The Ahwahnee seems to serve instead a beef steak of superior cut, and so does Sookie.

Salad – usually with some sort of festive addition, such as cranberries and walnuts

Plum Pudding – prune tart (Martha Stewart has a recipe for this, perhaps Sookie used it?)

Wassail – a traditional hot mulled punch, made with spiced apple cider

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