Labor Day, Memorial Day, Hanukkah

RORY: And we can split up holidays evenly. Like, I’ll be with you on Labor Day…
RORY: … her on Memorial Day.
LORELAI: Enough.
RORY: I’ll have to find out about her religion though to see how Hanukkah will factor into this, unless you want to convert to Judaism and then take over Hanukkah for yourself.

Labor Day: a federal holiday in the US celebrated on the first Monday in September to honour the trade union and labour movement, first made official in 1894. Culturally, it is the unofficial last day of summer.

Memorial Day: previously discussed.

Hanukkah [pictured]: a Jewish festival, also known as The Festival of Lights, commemorating the recovery of Jerusalem and re-dedication of the Temple during the second century BC. It is observed for eight days and eight nights, and festivities include lighting candles, singing songs, and eating fried foods such as potato cakes and doughnuts. Although a minor festival, it has taken on great cultural significance in the US and elsewhere, as it takes place around the same time as Christmas.

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