Richard Announces His Retirement

RICHARD: No, what you meant was that people in the insurance industry are drones. Well I agree. They are a dull, dull lot, and I am glad to be rid of them …

TAYLOR: Oh, are you retired Richard?
RICHARD: Well, uh …
EMILY: Of course he’s not. Richard? Richard?
RICHARD: Actually, I am.

After at least three months of unhappiness in his job, with the knowledge it was only going to get worse, Richard has unexpectedly retired, explaining his abnormally cheerful mood. Without planning to, he announces it at the Bracebridge Dinner, so that Rory’s plan of cheering up Richard and Emily doesn’t quite work out. They arrived cheerful, and wind up in a bitter row when Emily discovers that Richard has announced his retirement publicly without ever mentioning it to her.

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