Human Behaviour

This is the song which plays out to the end of the episode. It’s a 1993 song by Björk, the lead single from her first solo album, Debut. It reflects on the mysteries of human behaviour, apparently from an animal’s point of view, although the lyrics can also be understood as from a small child’s viewpoint.

If you ever get close to a human and human behaviour
Be ready, be ready to get confused and me and my here after
There’s definitely, definitely, definitely no logic to human behaviour
But yet so, yet so irresistible and me and my fear can
And there is no map uncertain

The song was praised by critics, and was an underground smash hit, peaking at #2 on the US dance charts, and reaching #36 in the UK. It went to #1 in Björk’s home country of Iceland.

It’s a fitting tribute to Björk, whose effigy plays a central role in this episode, and we learn that both Lorelai and Rory are fans of hers. It also underlines that Rory doesn’t really understand Jess’ behaviour, and her own behaviour is going to become increasingly unclear to those around her – and herself, too.

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