Magenta, Janet, and Dr Frank-n-Furter

LORELAI: I am Magenta, Rory usually opts for Janet, and I … was thinking that you could put on some fishnet stockings, a leather teddy, some platform boots, and go with us as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Magenta (played by Patricia Quinn) [pictured] is the maid at the castle in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A popular choice for dress-ups, she has wild frizzy reddish-brown hair, heavy Goth make-up, and a maid’s uniform. Apart from referencing Lorelai starting at the inn as a maid (she possibly still has her old uniform to wear as a costume), she really would look great as Magenta.

Janet Weiss (played by Susan Sarandon) is the innocent young woman who comes to the castle. She has a girl-next-door look with pink dress, white cardigan, and white handbag. Rory would make a convincing Janet as the seemingly wholesome girl with a deeply repressed sexual side just waiting to be unleashed. Note that Janet is unfaithful to her fiance, Brad – the show keeps linking Rory with infidelity.

Dr Frank-n-Furter (played by Tim Curry), previously discussed, and described by Lorelai.

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