“One of these days, Alice”

LORELAI: I swear, one of these days, Alice. Pow! Right to the moon.
EMILY: What on earth are you talking about? Who’s Alice?

Lorelai references the television series The Honeymooners, originally broadcast from 1955 to 1956, and based on comedy sketches from Jackie Gleason’s variety show. The sitcom revolved around the Kramdens, a working-class couple in Brooklyn, and their marital spats (they’d actually been married over a decade, so weren’t literally on their honeymoon).

During their arguments, short-tempered bus driver Ralph Kramden (played by Jackie Gleason) would make empty threats of domestic violence to his more level-headed wife Alice (played by Audrey Meadows), such as “One of these days, POW! Right in the kisser”, or “You’re going to the moon!”. Alice was never fazed by these threats, and would reply, “Ah, shaddap”. A hint that Lorelai’s threats to Emily are equally empty.

The Honeymooners has been shown continuously since its cancellation due to syndication, and has an iconic status as a highly-popular television show which embodies postwar ideals and working-class masculinity. It’s been referenced in other shows numerous times, and been an inspiration for others, most notably The Flintstones. NASA named its infrared imaging instrument on the New Horizons space probe after Ralph Kramden, in parallel to the Alice instrument used on the Rosetta (not named after Alice Kramden, but an acronym).

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