Emily Agrees With Lorelai

EMILY: Don’t back down Lorelai. You took a stand and you are completely in the right here. You absolutely must keep her from that boy. If you need to change her curfew, lock her up, throw away the key, whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t go astray – you do it. Her judgment cannot be trusted here. She’s a young girl and knows nothing. You are her eyes and her ears and her brain for as long as it takes to make sure she doesn’t make any ridiculous choices in her life.

To Lorelai’s horror, when Emily learns about the problem between Lorelai and Rory, she completely takes her daughter’s side, saying that Rory is a young girl with no experience of the world, and it is Lorelai’s job to make all major decisions for her, until she is old and wise enough to choose for herself. Lorelai has to listen to Emily agree with her that Rory needs to be kept away from Jess, and to realise (again) that she isn’t as different from the controlling Emily as she thought.

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