Lorelai and Rory Fight About Jess

EMILY: It’s not nothing. You’ve both been sitting here all night, not saying a word and not even looking at each other. Are you in a fight?
LORELAI: I’m not.
RORY: Please.
LORELAI: Please what? You are the one who’s been freezing me out all week.
RORY: I just haven’t had anything to say.

At Friday Night Dinner, we learn that Lorelai and Rory haven’t been speaking since they argued about Rory’s relationship with Jess. It’s a pattern they tend to get into when they are angry with each other, freezing each other out and refusing to talk things over.

It’s notable that in the scenes we see of them arguing together, Rory never once says what you expect from a girl in her situation: that Jess is only a friend who shares one of her hobbies, and that him buying her basket was just one of his pranks. She reminds Lorelai that she didn’t like Dean at first either, as if she is already thinking of Jess as a replacement for Dean.

Note that Rory is in angry red, and Lorelai in sad black for this scene, a common costume choice for fight scenes on the show.

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