LORELAI: Hey, let’s sit at the counter.
RORY: Nah, the counter, those are not the power seats.
LORELAI: Yes, but with no one here we can sit at either end and play bagel hockey.

A bagel is a ring-shaped bread roll which is boiled before being baked, resulting in a dense, doughy interior with an often crisp crust. It originates from the Jewish communities of Poland, and is first mentioned in the 17th century, although very similar breads can be found in 13th century Arabic cookbooks, and a bagel-like bread was made in Poland as early as the 14th century.

They are a popular bread product in North America and Poland, especially in areas with a large Jewish population. Brought to the US by Jewish Polish immigrants, they came into general use by the last quarter of the twentieth century.

They are so closely associated with Jewish culture that the verb “to bagel” refers to a Jewish person deliberately using typically Jewish words or phrases in front a stranger to signal to them that they are also Jewish.

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