Willamette University of Law

PARIS: Professor Bomar of Willamette University of Law has prepared a lengthy summary that I’d like to use in my remaining time.

The Willamette University College of Law is a private law school in Salem, Oregon, founded in 1883 and part of Willamette University, which was founded in 1842, and is the oldest university in the Western United States.

It is pronounced wil-AM-it; Paris mispronounces it to sound more like William-ette.

Professor Bomar is fictional.

EDIT: Huge thanks to blog reader Dan Gray, who is from Oregon, for correcting me on the pronunciation of Willamette.

2 thoughts on “Willamette University of Law

  1. I live in the Willamette Valley and it is actually pronounced wil-AM-it (rhymes with godammit). This was a hilarious scene because Paris was going off on a diatribe on all the mistakes her debating opponents had made.


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