“Rabbit boiling on the stove”

LORELAI: Oh, well, fine. Just took Mom a whole five minutes before she self-combusted and left the room in tears … She freaked out that you were with Sherry …
RORY: Well, what did she think, that you were gonna come home and find a rabbit boiling on the stove?

A reference to the film Fatal Attraction, previously discussed.

In the film, the stalker, Alex, takes revenge on the married man she had an affair with, and who is now ignoring her. After several threats and following him around, Alex breaks into his house, takes his young daughter’s pet rabbit from its hutch, and boils it on the stove in the kitchen, to be found by Dan’s traumatised wife. From this film comes the phrase “bunny boiler”, to mean a dangerously obsessed spurned woman.

[The picture is a still from the film, but from just before the bunny reveal, as it’s really quite gruesome].

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