“We’re friends”

LORELAI: So you and Jess aren’t friends?
RORY: Well, yeah, we’re friends … I mean, we’re not good friends but we’re friends. We’re friendly. But that doesn’t mean that we’re friends in the traditional Webster’s dictionary definition of friends … Friendish might be a better term.

Rory struggles to define her relationship with Jess. They get along well (they’ve obviously kept talking since their “friend date” after the Bid-on-a-Basket Fundraiser), bur Rory knows they are not friends the way she is friends with Lane, or even with Paris.

Yes, what is the dictionary definition of a boy you are attracted to who’s also attracted to you and you share a common interest you can talk about and like spending time together, and you’re both flirting with each other behind your boyfriend’s back? The best she can come up with is “friendish” – someone you’re friendly with, without exactly having a friendship.

Someone else might say that Jess is actually Rory’s “crush”, but she is too far in denial to acknowledge that. Lorelai looks sceptical, as well she might.

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