Donna Karan

MICHEL: No, I believe you thought I was lying. That I did not actually get down on my hands and knees in a brand new Donna Karan suit and crawl around on a floor where people who have stepped in mud and garbage and animal waste have been traipsing all day long.

Donna Karan (born Donna Faske in 1948) is an award-winning fashion designer, creator of the Donna New York and DKNY clothing brands. She is nicknamed “The Queen of Seventh Avenue”. She brought out her first collection in 1985, and launched her line of men’s clothing in 1991. She left her CEO position at Donna Karan in 1997, and in 2015 announced that she would step down as head of the Donna Karan company to focus on her lifestyle brand Urban Zen, established in 2007.

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