Rory’s Indian Food Order

Chicken vindaloo (a spicy dish, originally from Goa, and based on a Portuguese dish) [pictured]

3 Samosas (savoury pastry appetisers)

2 serves garlic naan bread (a flatbread)


Green sauce (actually green chutney, made with mint and cilantro, to use as a dipping sauce)

She orders from a business called Sandeep’s, so there’s an Indian restaurant in town which delivers. Stars Hollow has a lot of food options for a small place!

The delivery from Sandeep’s never actually arrives – Rory is seen ordering it on the phone, then Jess turns up with food, and they eat that instead. It’s possible that the delivery person from Sandeep’s did get there, but it was never shown on screen, or that Rory rang straight back and cancelled the order, also offscreen.

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