Deora Ar Mo Chroí

This is the song which is playing at the spa while Lorelai is having her facial alone, and when Emily goes to her room and begins chatting.

“Deora Ar Mo Croi” is a song by Irish singer Enya, from her 2000 album, A Day Without Rain. The lyrics were adapted by Enya into Irish Gaelic from a poem by Roma Ryan, written in English. Roma Ryan is Enya’s chief lyricist.

A Day Without Rain was hugely successful internationally, selling 7 times platinum in the US and reaching #2 in the charts. Its popularity surged after 9/11, when Enya’s soulful laments seemed to perfectly capture the nation’s mood. The album was #6 in the UK and #7 in Ireland, and was most successful in Germany and Australia, where it went to #1.

The song’s title can be understood as “Tears In My Heart”, and its lyrics can be roughly translated into English thus:

How wonderful, from morning to night

the sweet voices beside me

and happiness everywhere, without sorrow,

joy in my heart forever.

If I walk away from life,

the sun and the moon at my back

I lack nothing but memories of my own world

Tears in my heart, sadly.

Apart from being believable as the sort of relaxing music that might be played at a spa, the song touches on the emotion behind Emily and Lorelai’s relationship, and that it is hard for Lorelai to simply “walk away” from her life and her memories without losing an awful lot in the process.

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