Dean Shouts at Rory, and Paris Intervenes

Despite being explicitly told that Rory wanted to be alone and undisturbed tonight, Dean comes over uninvited with some ice cream for them to share. He does his usual stalker-y routine of not phoning until he is actually on the doorstep and can’t be got rid of. This is the boy who can happily call Rory a minimum of four times a night, but suddenly phoning ahead of time is too much of a drag for him.

When Dean discovers that Jess is at the house, he completely loses it, no doubt thinking that Rory kept him away so she could spend time alone with Jess. The fact that Paris is there too, and Rory was never alone with Jess for a minute doesn’t seem to register with him. He looms over Rory in an intimidating way and shouts at her when she tries to explain, until she says, “Stop yelling!”.

Paris overhears their argument and comes to the rescue. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do so by taking Dean to pieces, and giving him a short sharp lesson in how to treat women, or even asking Rory if she really feels safe with Dean.

Instead she lies, pretending that she had a crush on Jess, and asked Rory to help her spend time with him. Like Lorelai, Paris finds Dean scary enough in a temper that she thinks it’s better to lie to him to calm him down. Yep, Angry Dean even frightens Paris.

Even more unfortunately, Paris doesn’t have enough experience to tell Rory that her boyfriend’s treatment of her is not okay. At least Dean has the sense to walk away in order to cool off, but the fact that he obviously doesn’t trust Rory is something he needs to think about.

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