Rory, Jess, and Paris Have Dinner Together

This episode is a fan favourite, with many enjoying the chance to to see Rory actually hang out with some friends the same age. Most stories have Rory and Paris interacting at Chilton, and this is a rare time that they get to be in Stars Hollow, in Rory’s world. Paris is able to relax and have a good time away from the stress and competition of school.

Paris actually likes matching wits with Jess and talking about literature with him. She’s someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and doesn’t respect people who are easily browbeaten, so for her to enjoy Jess’ company is significant. It seems as if Rory has found a guy who gets along well with at least one of her friends. Unfortunately, we are never again treated to a scene of these three hanging out and having a good time together. What a shame!

2 thoughts on “Rory, Jess, and Paris Have Dinner Together

  1. Paris really likes Jess, and realizes that Rory does too. There’s a deleted scene where Rory and Paris are watching TV later that night and Paris has picked up on Jess liking Rory (and vice versa) and asks Rory about it. Rory hasn’t really admitted to herself yet that she likes Jess, so she brushes Paris off initially, but Paris persists and says that she wouldn’t blame Rory if she did like Jess since “he’s unbelievable cute and though his literary taste leaves a little to be desired, at least he has a literary taste”.

    It’s a really cute scene, and a shame that it was left out of the finished episode.


    1. I love that Rory has at least one friend who appreciates Jess and can see why Rory likes him. (Lane is a Dean-shipper). The episode where Rory, Paris, and Jess have dinner together is one of my favourites.

      The fact that they didn’t include the deleted scene suggests that they wanted to leave the situation far more ambiguous, so that we’re left wondering just what is going on in Rory’s head. Although I would have liked to see the scene too, I think they did the right thing from a creative and stylistic viewpoint.


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