Slumber Party, Freeze a Bra

PARIS: Spend the night, like a slumber party? … Okay. But if you’re doing all this so you can freeze my bra, I’ll kill you.

Slumber party, previously discussed.

Freeze a bra, previously discussed.

It’s hard for Paris to trust that someone actually likes her – her parents’ cold and neglectful behaviour have seen to that. An overture of friendship from Rory sees Paris agree to it with a smile, although she can’t help ending with a typically Paris-like threat.

3 thoughts on “Slumber Party, Freeze a Bra

  1. Gilmore Girls is one of very few series that are caricatures of real upperclass and middleclass life in the USA. It is gentle, slow to develop, and, curiously, everyone speaks with exactly the same voice: bantering, quirky, clever, and really, really fast. No matter which character speaks, no matter what the situation, the voice is that of a smart writer, with no attempt to disguise. It’s a series that can really grow on one.


      1. There are so many good shows, series, and movies available for free now on subscription streaming. I love many of them: comedy, science fiction, more. Yet I feel an inner peace every time I return to Gilmore Girls, knowing that instead of violence I will find the ordinary qualities of gentleness in daily life that make these characters feel like part of one’s extended family. We can focus on problems or we can focus on the acceptance that is part of small town life. It makes a big difference which one we choose, for our entertainment and in our own life.


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