“Rory wouldn’t lie”

LORELAI: She had nothing to do with Jess coming over. Believe me, she did not want him there.

DEAN: That’s what she told me. And Rory wouldn’t lie, right?

As Lorelai and Dean assure each other that good, honest, pure Rory (the sweetest kid in the world) would never lie about wanting Jess, they watch through the window as Rory giggles and flirts with him while paying for breakfast.

Rory was certainly being truthful about not inviting Jess to the house, or even inviting him to dinner – he invited himself, and manipulated the situation so he could stay. But as for not wanting him there, actively wishing he hadn’t come? Well … if that wasn’t a lie to Dean, then she is definitely lying to herself.

And it’s going around, because Dean and Lorelai are desperately lying to themselves as well.

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