Harry’s House of Twinkle Lights

TAYLOR: Harry’s House of Twinkle Lights has been an integral part of this town for twenty years, so it’s only right that we honor his retirement. So I hereby designate next Tuesday, Harry the Twinkle Light Man from Harry’s House of Twinkle Lights Day.

One of the barely-plausible niche businesses in Stars Hollow, about to close due to the owner’s retirement. Apparently there are so many festivals in Stars Hollow requiring twinkle lights that a store can remain in business for twenty years (since 1982) just providing for the town’s twinkle light needs. It’s not quite believable, but this is a town that has a store just for cat-related gifts, and a dozen that only sells porcelain unicorns!

It seems as if nobody is willing to buy the business or take it over, perhaps suggesting that in these decadent times, more and more townspeople are simply buying their twinkle lights from discount chain stores. The end of an era, with a tiny bit of magic leaving Stars Hollow with Harry’s retirement. But he will be sent off in style, with a festival on the following Tuesday entirely in his honour.

This is the second person named Harry we have heard of in Stars Hollow, the rarely-seen mysterious mayor being the first one.

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