Pointing to the Outfield

RORY: So, have a good game. Do that pointing to the outfield thing, that’s always very popular.

Rory is referring to a famous incident in baseball history, when Babe Ruth pointed towards the outfield before hitting a home run, in the fifth inning of Game 3 of the 1932 World Series, held on October 1 at Wrigley Field, Chicago.

His gesture looked as if it was promising a home run, but initially Ruth said he was simply pointing at the dugout to remind them he had one more strike. It’s also been suggested he was actually thumbing his nose at the opposing team.

Once the story hits the papers, the media-savvy Ruth went along with it. Over the years, his story became more embellished, until he was planning the home run before the game even started, while talking with his wife.

Whatever the truth, it soon became an established baseball legend, and part of American popular culture.

[Picture is the 1976 painting The Mighty Babe by Robert Thom, depicting the “called shot”]

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