MIT vs Berkeley

PARIS: Branch is a graduate of MIT and Henemen went to Berkley. Berkley! I mean, he may have majored in Math but what did he minor in? Bean sprouts? Forget it.

MIT, previously discussed.

Berkeley, the oldest campus of the University of California, a public research university founded in 1868, previously mentioned. The oldest university in California, Berkeley hosts many leading research institutes, including the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and the Space Sciences Laboratory. It founded and maintains close relationships with three national laboratories, and has played a prominent role in many scientific advances.

Among its alumni, faculty and researchers, Berkeley has more Nobel laureates, Turing Award winners (25), Fields Medalists (14), and Wolf Prize winners (30) than any other public university in the nation; it is affiliated with 30 Pulitzer Prizes, 19 Academy Awards, and more MacArthur “Genius Grants” (108) and National Medals of Science (68) than any other public institution. The university has produced seven heads of state or government; six chief justices,  22 cabinet-level officials; 11 governors; and 25 living billionaires.

It is also a leading producer of Fulbright Scholars, MacArthur Fellows, and Marshall Scholars. Berkeley alumni, widely recognized for their entrepreneurship, have founded numerous notable companies, including Apple, Tesla, Intel, eBay, SoftBank, AIG, and Morgan Stanley.

The writers seem to love giving supposedly smart Paris silly and ill-informed things to say, and this time it’s that Calculus teacher Heneman can’t be any good because he went to Berkeley – one of the best universities in the world, with a powerhouse record in Mathematics and Science.

Her questionable belief seems to stem from the fact that Berkeley is in California, and therefore “hippie”, and from the the university’s history in the 1960s, when it had a reputation for political activism. I find it hard to believe that an intelligent student in 2002 could be basing her ideas about Berkeley from events which occurred twenty years before she was born!

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