“Bury the lede”

LORELAI: Why did you go to New York?

RORY: To see Jess.

LORELAI: Boy, do you know how to bury the lede.

Bury the lede is an American phrase meaning “to hide the most important or most relevant part of a story within distracting information”.

The phrase comes from journalism, where the lede is the introductory part of a story which is meant to entice the reader to continue with the full story. It’s said that it is spelt “lede” rather than “lead” because the second spelling could be confused with the word “lead”, as in the lead metal in old-fashioned printing presses. Others think it was just to sound old-timey and romantic, and believe it to be an affectation. These people usually spell it “bury the lead”.

The phrase seems to date to the 1970s, but wasn’t included in dictionaries until 2008.

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