“I’ll alert the media”

LORELAI: Oh, hey, we need Q-Tips.

LUKE: I’ll alert the media.

LORELAI: See, that’s better with the accent.

LUKE: The reference is enough, you’ll learn that one day.

A reference to the film Arthur, previously mentioned.

In the film, Arthur, played by Dudley Moore, says, “I’m going to take a bath”. His English butler Hobson, played by John Gielgud, replies drily, “I’ll alert the media”. Dream-Luke is saying that he considers himself little more than Lorelai’s sarcastic butler. As this is Lorelai’s dream, it suggests that’s what she wants from Luke!

Dream-Luke’s comment that it’s not necessary to do an accent, the reference is enough, is a meta-comment by the writer (Amy Sherman-Palladino). Gilmore Girls referenced many, many films, but very rarely does anyone do the accent to match, or even attempt to reproduce how the line is said in the film (such as by shouting “Here’s Johnny” in a terrifying manner) . The writer is saying that a simple reference is enough for the intelligent viewer.

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