“I love you”

DEAN: See you Friday. I love you …

RORY: Gotta go. [hangs up]

Dean phones Rory, arranging to see her Friday evening when they both get home from their respective vacations. Rory’s plane gets in at 3 pm, while Dean won’t be getting in until 6 pm. Lorelai has lied to Emily, saying Rory won’t be home until Saturday, in order to allow Rory and Dean some couple time.

How blissful that the reunion will be is in some doubt already, because while Dean says goodbye by saying “I love you”, Rory just says she has to go, and hangs up on him. Are we back to the start, where Rory can’t tell Dean that she loves him? Or is this the end, where Rory realises that she no longer loves Dean?

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