“Extracurriculars and volunteer activities”

MR. ROMAINE: If your extracurriculars and volunteer activities are too by-the-book, that says something we don’t like.

MS. SAMUELS: Yes, those activities should have a personality behind them – a focus, a direction.

And here comes the devastating blow to Paris, who now discovers what Chilton really should have explained to her years ago – her volunteering efforts have been too diffuse and various. As explained in an earlier post, she’s done so many different types of volunteer work that there is no focus to them, no pattern to build on that shows what kind of person she is, or what her goals are.

I think Paris should really feel worse than Rory over the advice given so far. Rory has simply had a lame idea for an essay that she hasn’t even started writing yet. She has plenty of time to pick a different topic and work on it. Paris has wasted literally years of her life and probably crippled herself socially doing hours and hours of useless volunteer work that is very unlikely to help her get into Harvard.

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