Town Meeting

After having lunch in Westport with the Springsteens, Lorelai and Rory attend a town meeting in Stars Hollow – we know it’s the evening of the same day, because they are wearing the same clothes, and Lane asks how lunch went.

Town meetings were always held on a Thursday (it seemed to be the second Thursday of the month). Now they are going to one on a Saturday – not the day of the week that anyone would pick for a meeting, either, because people often go out on weekends, or even go away. It’s a bit disappointing, because they seemed to be slowly building a nice little world in Gilmore Girls that was reasonably consistent, and now they’re holding a meeting on a Saturday because it suits the plot, and for no other reason.

I would like to believe this is a special meeting that Taylor has called for the soda shop issue (cunningly arranged for a weekend so hardly anyone can attend), except that when Lorelai and Rory arrive late, the meeting has just finished going through their routine banking business.

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