I Don’t Mind

The song that is playing while Rory dyes Lane’s hair purple.

“I Don’t Mind” is a 2000 song by all-girl dream-pop band Slumber Party, from their self-titled debut album. The band received rave reviews from critics, but never made much of an impression on the public. The general consensus is that they just sounded too different from other bands in the early 2000s, and the word “underrated” for once doesn’t seem out of place here. Another shout-out to a girl band!

The opening stanzas say:

I don’t mind if you find
someone’s God, if he were different than mine
every time, by design
He’s hearin’ you and you

I just wanna be true
Live my life in the summer night with you
Whenever I go, remind me I’ve been gone for so long

The lyrics suggest that Lane is open to a relationship with Dave even if he doesn’t’ share her religion or worship God the same way. It ends on a worrying note:

I don’t mind if you find
The girl of your dreams and leave me behind

It’s as if Lane is already fearing for the future and preparing to let Dave go, when she’s only just fallen for him. Fortunately, this level of pessimism is unnecessary right now.

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