Society Matron’s League

EMILY: I’m in charge of the Society Matron’s League’s annual antique auction next Tuesday and I thought maybe you’d like to come.

A reference to the sitcom I Love Lucy, frequently mentioned and one of the touchstones for Gilmore Girls.

In the episode “Pioneer Women”, Lucy and her friend Ethel hope for the chance to join the Society Matron’s League, a fictional snooty women’s club for the cream of Manhattan society. Representatives of the SML turn up for tea in order to scrutinise the prospective candidates while Lucy and Ethel are in the middle of one of their trademark madcap frolics.

Looking down their noses, the society matrons are condescendingly prepared to overlook Lucy’s eccentricities, and the fact that she and her Cuban-born husband are “show people”, but Lucy realises what awful snobs they are and is no longer interested.

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