Sunny Stars Hollow

LORELAI: It seems that Dwight has been checking the weather reports and Stars Hollow is going to be extra sunny for the next few days, so he was wondering if instead of watering the lawn twice a day for fifteen minutes, we could water it three times a day for ten minutes.

It’s now well into October, but somehow Stars Hollow in Connecticut is going to be “extra sunny” for days? So much so that the lawn watering routine needs to be altered? The start of this episode was all grey skies, autumn leaves, pumpkins, and scarecrows … now it’s hot enough to kill a lawn. Climate change, Gilmore Girls style.

One thought on “Sunny Stars Hollow

  1. I know that Connecticut is more East Coast than where I am in Ohio, but as Fall comes in, we usually have one or two short periods of “Indian Summer” in which higher temps in the high 70s pop up making it unseasonably warm before Fall takes full hold through November and then ebbing into Winter in December.


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