Dwight’s Wife

DORIS: [on answering machine] Dwight, hi it’s Doris. Doris, your wife, remember me? The woman who was asleep in bed when you snuck out the window like a spineless little worm!

It turns out that Dwight isn’t in fact separated or divorced from his wife, but climbed out of the window while she was asleep. As he moved to Stars Hollow and bought a house, that’s a very serious escape attempt!

This does raise more questions, such as where did Dwight get the money to buy the house without Doris noticing, how did he manage to get to Stars Hollow to go house hunting without Doris noticing, where did he live during the settlement period (unless he just murdered Beenie Morrison, of course), how did he manage to take all the board games with him when he got out the window, and how has Doris managed to find his phone number? I guess his number is listed, for the last one, which seems stupid if he’s on the run from his wife.

The formidable Doris is voiced by Alex Borstein, who played Drella in Season 1.

2 thoughts on “Dwight’s Wife

  1. Love Alex Borstein! I did not realize it was her voice on that answering machine message. Of course she also shines in another ASP-written show! It’s cool that she showed up on GG as a few quirky characters. You probably have a post all about her on your blog already… she played Miss Celine too.


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