Jess Gets a Car

In this episode, Jess gets an old car, which has been kindly identified for me by blog reader John Donaldson as a 1970s AMC Rebel or AMC Ambassador. I like the idea of Jess owning a Rebel, but having examined a few photos, I think it may look more like an Ambassador, as they seemed to more often have a two-toned colour??? Perhaps a 1973 model? More opinions welcomed.

Lorelai is not happy to discover Jess has a car, and refers to him needing to be stopped “before he kills again”. Apparently Rory getting even the tiniest injury needing medical attention is the equivalent of her being killed. However, Lorelai has learned her lesson, because she immediately offers to butt out, leaving Luke to handle the issue for himself.

2 thoughts on “Jess Gets a Car

    1. I have often been told that the best way to get information on the internet is not to ask for it, but to give false information and wait for it be corrected. I was sceptical, but it has been paying off lately! Thank you! The car can’t be a Rebel Ambassador because that’s two different things, so I assumed you meant Rebel/Ambassador. Please correct me if this is wrong.


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