[Lorelai notices Kirk running right on their heels]

LORELAI: Kirk, what are you doing?

KIRK: I’m drafting you.

Kirk is probably referring to drafting or slipstreaming, a technique used in racing sports, especially cycling and driving, where you remain behind another competitor to reduce the effect of wind resistance, thus allowing you to conserve energy.

In cycling, the effect can be significant. In running, where the speeds are slower, the benefit is much less. One of the problems is that you need to be very close behind the other competitor to get much effect, and this obviously risks antagonising them (like Kirk antagonises Lorelai). It is, however, perfectly legal, and is not classed as cheating, although some might consider it unsportsmanlike.

Indoors, where there is no wind at all, the benefit would be very small, while the chance of annoying others would be greatly increased. This seems on brand for Kirk.

In cycling, one warns another cyclist of their intention by saying, “I’m drafting you” as a courtesy. I have been unable to find any such examples of this in running.

EDIT: One of my favourite things about writing this blog is when someone writes in to correct something I got wrong, or to add something that I missed. I’m only one ordinary person, so there’s no way I can get everything right.

So a big, big thank you to blog reader melcauble for putting me on the right path with this one. I know it probably seems like a long time to wait for a rewrite, but I try to get there eventually.

2 thoughts on “Drafting

  1. I believe the term “drafting” here is referring to a term in competitive running where one runner runs right behind another so that the runner in front is pushing wind resistance out of the way, making the running easier for the person behind, thus giving that person a rest temporarily.


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