“Girls like Shane”

RORY: There they go again! God, I swear, why can’t they just get a room? Or forget a room – get a park bench, or a doorway, or even a strategically placed telephone pole would probably suffice. I mean, girls like Shane – what is it with them? Don’t they see what they look like? I know they have mirrors.

Jess ups the ante by making out with Shane in the bleachers. This sends Rory into a veritable tailspin of bitchiness, with her line of “girls like Shane”. Girls like what? Girls who kiss their boyfriends in public, like Rory does? Girls who like Jess, like Rory does? And if Rory doesn’t approve of Shane, what’s her opinion of her own mother when she was a teenager?

You know what’s wrong with Shane? Absolutely nothing, except for getting involved with a boy who doesn’t treat her well.

After Jess and Shane start kissing, Rory pulls in closer to Dean, so both Jess and Rory are using their partners to make their crush jealous.

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