The Banger Sisters

MADELINE: I mean, reticulum? Come on.

LOUISE: Plus, the Golgi body. I mean, is it me or is that majorly pornographic?

PARIS: My life with the Banger sisters.

The Banger Sisters, a 2002 comedy film directed by Bob Dolman , starring Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon as two middle-aged women who used to be friends and groupies when they were young. During the film, they have one night together of remembering their youthful hijinks. The film was commercially successful and received average reviews. The performance of the two leads was praised, but the plot was judged to be thin and predictable. The film came out in September.

Paris seems to be already imagining Madeline and Louise in their middle age. Compare with Paris calling Madeline and Louise the Pigeon Sisters.

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