“You can’t let Rory have even one piece of our lives”

EMILY: You can’t even let Rory have one piece of our lives, even if it’s her choice. You hate us that much.

[Lorelai doesn’t respond. Emily walks back into the house]

Emily and Richard see Rory every Friday evening for dinner, and pay for Rory to attend a private school that’s close enough to their home for Rory to visit after school if she wants to. Rory has her own bedroom at Richard and Emily’s, and they threw her a lavish party for her sixteenth birthday. They have given her generous gifts, and Rory played golf with her grandfather one weekend, while going to a debutante ball at her grandmother’s request.

Granted, this all happened in the last two years – before that, they only saw Rory a few times a year. Also granted, Lorelai has been fairly reluctant about most of this contact, and has often submitted to it with bad grace. However, I don’t think it’s fair for Emily to say that Lorelai hasn’t let Rory share even one piece of her grandparents’ lives. They have regular contact, and Rory is actually quite close to Richard and Emily.

Lorelai’s flair for over-dramatising her problems clearly comes from Emily.

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