[Lorelai is watching Sookie and Jackson argue]
SOOKIE: You know, next time I want some grapefruit, I’m just gonna ask for a kazoo because you can only seem to get me the most bizarre opposite.

Kazoo, a musical instrument that adds a buzzing tone to the player’s voice when they hum into it. Kazoos are especially used in jazz, jug bands, and comedy music.

The kazoo was first patented in 1883, and the instrument we know as the modern kazoo first patented in Buffalo, New York, 1902. The Original American Kazoo Company was founded in Eden, New York, in 1916 – by 1994, they were making more than a million kazoos per day, and were the only manufacturers of metal kazoos in North America. Now called the Kazoo Factory and Museum, it is still in operation and open for guided tours.

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