Rory Arrives at the Hospital

RORY: Where’s everyone else? …
MAUREEN: Well, we had all planned on next week, but Sherry screwed up, so what can you do? Thank God you’re here. She’ll be thrilled. She’s feeling a little abandoned. Now, she’s right in there. Do not mention how fat she is. For some reason, she’s extremely sensitive about that today. Okay, kiss. I’ll call you later to find out how everything’s going.

To Rory’s dismay, when she finally arrives at the hospital in Boston, only Maureen is there – and she’s just about to leave. She says that “Sherry is feeling a little abandoned” by their defection – Rory also feels that she’s been completely abandoned, and left in sole charge of the pregnant Sherry, as Christopher is out of town.

Once again, being pregnant and “fatness” becomes mysteriously conflated. Sometimes you get the feeling the writers of the show don’t quite understand how pregnancy works.

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