In a Young Man’s Mind

This is the song playing when Dave, Zach, and Brian run into Mrs Kim when their car is stuck at the red light.

“In a Young Man’s Mind” is a song by the garage rock band The Mooney Suzuki, from their 2002 album, Electric Sweat. The song was released as a single in 2003.

Part of the lyrics say:

A kid with a guitar
What does he wanna do?
We’ll be like Pete Townsend, Jimmy Page, and Hendrix too
We’re gonna learn how to play
And practice it everyday
But I was really feelin’
I might come a lady’s way

In a young man’s mind
It’s a simple world
There’s a little bit of music
And the rest is girls

Something of a comment on the guys in the band!

When Mrs Kim asks what Dave is doing with these alarming-looking boys, he pretends that he is also in a Christian band, and they are his bandmates. Mrs Kim warns him that Lane has a crush on him, and says she is interested in hiring them some time. Dave gets away with it for another day, although the squeaks are getting narrower.

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