Al’s Pancake World

Rory jokingly suggests that Lorelai date Al from Al’s Pancake World instead of Luke. This local restaurateur is never seen in the show, although Lorelai and Rory often order food from him, even though it’s apparently not very good. As she talks about Lorelai marrying Al, we can see Luke in the background as a hint of Lorelai’s true romantic destiny, and the episode ends with a shot of Luke framed by the diner.

Cute Luke

Lorelai asks Rory if she thinks Luke is cute, indicating him as a possible love interest. Rory puts a stop to this idea, as she fears that if Lorelai and Luke dated, then broke up, they would never be able to get food and coffee from him again. Without Rory’s blessing, any attraction Lorelai feels toward Luke has to be put on the back-burner. Future episodes prove Rory’s concerns to be not unfounded.


Lorelai explains to Rory that Tristan (Chad Michael Murray) called her Mary because of the Virgin Mary, meaning that she looks like a good girl, a virgin. When Rory asks what he would have called her if she’d looked like a slut, Lorelai says jokingly that maybe he would have added a Magdalene to it.

In the New Testament, Mary Magdalene is one of the followers of Jesus Christ, said to have been witness to his crucifixion and resurrection. The Gospels tell us that before she became his follower, Mary Magdalene was healed by Jesus, who drove seven demons out of her. In medieval Christianity she was portrayed as a repentant prostitute, although this is not supported by the Bible.