Rory’s Subjects at Chilton


Semester 1

English with Mr Remmy/Max Medina (Russian Literature, Shakespeare, Elizabethan Literature, Emily Dickinson)

History with Mrs Ness (Protestant Reformation)


Chemistry (Rory looks for her Chemistry textbook in “Love and War and Snow”)

French with Mrs Collins (Rory has a French test in “Rory’s Birthdays”; Mrs Collins assumed)

Latin (Rory has a Latin test in “Rory’s Birthdays”)

Physical Education (Golf)

Semester 2

English with Max Medina (Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Creative Writing, Henry James)

History with Mrs Ness (Russian History; Mrs Ness assumed)

Government with Ms. Caldecott (English parliament, Elizabethan government)

Mathematics (assumed: a compulsory subject)

Biology (chick case study)

French with Mrs Collins (this class is mentioned in “Paris is Burning”)

Spanish (Rory mentions she has this class in “PS I Lo …”)


Summer School (Shakespeare, Physics, Russian Poetry)

Volunteer Work (Rebuilding Together)

Social Events

Winter dance (December, the focus of “Rory’s Dance”)


Bake sale (October – Lorelai brought cakes)

Campaign to save the spotted owl (December – Emily donated in Rory’s name)


Parent-Teacher Night (October)

Advanced Placement Tests (November)

Parent’s Day (January, the focus of “Paris is Burning”)

Teacher Conference half day (February, mentioned in “Double Date”)