List of Festivals and Celebrations in Stars Hollow (Up to Season 2)

Bid-on-a-Basket Fundraiser/Festival (Sunday after Valentines Day?)

Firelight Founders Festival (third Friday in March)

Arbor Day tree planting (last Friday in April)

Movie Night in the Square (first Thursday in May)

Independence Day (July 4th)

Harvest Festival (first weekend after Labor Day weekend?)

Halloween (October 31st)

Autum Festival (first weekend in November)

Battle of Stars Hollow (November 10th)

Christmas Pageant/Festival (two weekends before Christmas Day)


Teen Hayride (September)

Double twin wedding at the Independence Inn (October)

Wake for Cinnamon, Babette and Morey Dell’s pet cat (October)

Birthday party for Rory Gilmore (October)


Petfinder Pet Fair (January)

Rummage Sale Raising Funds for the Old Bridge (February)

Stars Hollow Elementary School Play (March)

Stars Hollow Fire Brigade Fundraiser (April)

Engagement Party for Lorelai and Max (June)

Bracebridge Dinner at the Independence Inn (December)


Unveiling of the new uniforms for the high school basketball team (January)

Rory Gilmore named Citizen of the Month (February)

Buy a Book Fundraiser – possibly in aid of the town library (March)

Veteran’s Funeral and Wake for Louie Danes (April)

Sookie and Jackson’s Wedding (May)


This is the song which plays while Rory and Jess walk through the streets of New York to get a hotdog and then go to the subway. It’s a 1992 song by Yoko Ono, first released on Onobox, a comprehensive 6-disc collection of Yoko Ono’s work from 1968 to 1985. It included 20 previously unreleased songs, of which “O’Oh” is one.

The lyrics are about a couple enjoying the Fourth of July celebrations in Central Park together, so it’s a song about New York. Some of the lyrics are:

I never knew we could be so nice to each other

I never thought we’d be laughing together

I never knew life could be sweet and simple

I never thought that was possible

Not only does the song suit the setting they are in (although it’s May, not July, and a different park), but the lyrics are about how Rory feels about Jess. The surprise of finding that being with him is not only sweet, but simple – you can feel how easily the two of them get along, how effortlessly they laugh together.

Rory finally gets to meet Jess away from Stars Hollow, and he’s not surly, not bitter, not sarcastic – he’s sweet, he’s nice, he’s funny, in a way she never thought possible. She has taken any number of practical, physical, and emotional risks to come to New York to see him, and she gets the softest of landings, as Jess finally opens up to her, now that he’s received unexpected proof of how much Rory cares for him.

There is a real flipside feeling to the choice of song, because when Rory had her sweetest and most romantic experience with Dean (sitting in the car wreck on their anniversary), the song chosen to accompany it was by John Lennon. Now her sweetest and most romantic scene with Jess is accompanied by a Yoko Ono song. (Both songs have Oh in the title, also).

It is as if Jess and Dean are her Yin and Yang – Dean the Yang which complements her, and Jess the Yin which matches her. With Dean, there is an attraction of opposites; with Jess, an attraction of like minds, or twin souls.

Casual Friday

LORELAI: Hey, no one told me it was casual Friday.

Casual Friday, a custom in some offices which allows for a more relaxed style of dress at work on certain Fridays of the year. It began in Hawaii in the mid-1960s, called Aloha Friday, with the idea that workers could wear traditional Hawaiian dress to the office on certain days. By the 1970s, it became acceptable to wear Hawaiian dress every day, but the idea of a more relaxed dress code on certain days spread to California, then to all of the US, and eventually throughout the West by the 1990s.