Apple Venus Volume 2

Lorelai and Rory are on the porch when Lane runs up shouting that she has XTC’s new CD, Apple Venus Volume 2. This refers to Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2) by English band XTC, the follow-up or companion to their critically-acclaimed 1999 album Apple Venus Volume 1 ā€“ originally conceptualised as a double album. Apple Venus Volume 2 went to #40 in the UK, but did not reach the Top 100 in the US.

Apple Venus Volume 2 was released in May 2000, so it was not really a new CD in September/October 2000. It seems to have been Lane’s first opportunity to buy it, however.

As the scene ends, we hear them playing I’m the Man Who Murdered Love, which is the sixth track on the album, and the only single XTC released from it. They seem to have gone straight to the only song they know from the album.

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