Madonna and Sean Penn

LORELAI: So you know what I was thinking?
RORY: That Madonna and Sean Penn should get remarried?
LORELAI: Besides that.

Pop star Madonna (born 1958) and actor Sean Penn (born 1960) were married in 1985, after meeting just a few months before. Madonna filed for divorce in 1987 but withdrew the papers; they were eventually divorced in 1989. There were allegations during their marriage that Penn was violent towards Madonna; however she strenuously denies those claims.

Lorelai’s belief that the couple should remarry seems to be a common one: even now, gossip magazines continue to say that Madonna and Penn are trying to get back together, or are already back together. Recently Madonna publicly told Penn that she was still in love with him, further fueling rumours (it was at a charity event so she might have just been whipping the crowd up). At the very least, they still seem to be on very friendly terms.

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