French Tourists

MAN: Bonjour Monsieur. Vous êtes francais? Vous parlez francais? … Parlez vous fracais?
MICHEL: Bonjour messieurs. Je m’appelle Michel. Ce soir pour vous aider.
MAN: (laughs) Vous avez faît un blague. Très drole! Très drole Michel!

The man says, “Hello sir. You are French? You speak French? … Do you speak French?”. After pretending he doesn’t and arguing with Lorelai, Michel eventually replies, “Hello sirs. My name is Michel. I am here to assist you this evening”. The man says, “You have made a joke. Very funny! Very funny, Michel!”.

The fact that Michel loathes French people seems to be another hint that he is not actually from France – the actor playing Michel, Yanic Truesdale, is a Canadian-American from Montreal. Truesdale has noted that the accent he used on Gilmore Girls is certainly not French, although readily accepted as such by Americans.

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