EMILY: You wanted me to get her a Filofax and a mermaid eraser.

A Filofax is a personal organiser in a large leather wallet with a six-ring loose-leaf binder; the name comes from the phrase “file of facts”. They were popular during the 1980s as an accessory for yuppies. Filofax is a UK company founded in 1921, and originally known as Norman & Hill.

This seems to be the “funky dayplanner” that Lorelai suggested that Emily buy Rory (or maybe to Emily, all dayplanners are Filofaxes). Either way, it actually seems like a good compromise between the mother’s and daughter’s tastes, as well as being useful to Rory who loves being organised. It seems a bit odd that Emily didn’t agree to it.

2 thoughts on “Filofax

  1. They were popular before the 80s. The parent company Norman and Hill was based in the UK. An authenticly vintage Filofax would have that mark plus the model number. Norman and HIll was the parent company from 1921 – 1980.


  2. Filofax was a Norman & Hill company up until 1980. Norman & Hill as based in the UK from 1921 when Filofax was created until 1980. Authentically vintage Filofax organizers would have the N&H name stamped on it along with a model number.


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