Lava Lamp

TAYLOR: Well, excuse me, Andrew, but some of us have businesses to run that don’t involve peddling drug paraphernalia to kids.
ANDREW: It was a lava lamp, Taylor.
TAYLOR: There is no use for a lava lamp unless you’re on drugs.

Lava lampa are novelty decorations first invented in 1963 by a British accountant named Edward Craven-Walker. The lamp has a special wax mixture inside a glass vessel filled with translucent  liquid; as the lamp heats the wax rises, then falls as it cools in a way which suggests the flow of lava. The actual manufacture of the lamp is a trade secret, so I can’t tell you any more than that. In the US in 2000, lava lamps were made by Lava World International: elsewhere they were, and still are, made by Craven-Walker’s company Mathmos, although he died in 2000.

Taylor is right that lava lamps have been a big part of drug culture, and in the 1960s were a symbol of the counterculture and psychedelia. However you don’t have to be on drugs to own one, and they have a sort of kitschy retro chic. We later learn that Lane Kim owns at least two lava lamps, possibly bought from Andrew’s store, Stars Hollow Books.

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