Ichiro Motors

This is the Japanese business whose employees are staying at the Independence Inn in Stars Hollow for a conference in this episode.

It is a fictional motor manufacturing company which may have been named after Ichiro Suzuki (born 1937), the Japanese engineer who worked for Toyota and designed the first Lexus, as not only was he involved in the car industry, but his surname is that of a Japanese motor manufacturer.

3 thoughts on “Ichiro Motors

  1. Hello,I’m a Japanese who really enjoy studying English through Gilmore girls with your website.
    I guess Ichiro Suzuki’s birthday is 1973, not 1937, otherwise he would be too old..
    I’m looking forward to see your pages improved even further.


    1. No, 1937 is correct. Cars have been around for quite a while, you know! If he was born in 1973 he would have only been working since the 1990s, not long before the show went to air, and nowhere near long enough to be famous yet!


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