LORELAI: Explain Yoko, because he’s [Rune] out there with the normal people and he’s going to scare them.

Lorelai is referring to Yoko Ono, previously discussed. (The Japanese conference guests may have put her in mind of the Japanese artist and singer.)

Thank you to blog reader Marycontraire for pointing out that Lorelai’s comment directly relates to the entry for The Lost Weekend.

“The lost weekend” was John Lennon’s name for the eighteen month period between 1973 and 1975 he was separated from Yoko Ono and living with a companion named May Pang. Musically it was a productive time for him, but also marked by some outrageous behaviour from Lennon while drunk or stoned. He likened this period to the film The Lost Weekend about an alcoholic.

Lorelai’s comment doesn’t exactly make sense, as Sookie isn’t in the same situation as Yoko Ono at all, but is typical of her riffing on pop culture without bothering whether it is actually pertinent to the case.

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